Why Choose Us

Drive confidence without fear with Tint Warriors. Our professional car window tinting services will ensure that your vehicle will be visible to other drivers as well as potential tailgaters. From large commercial window tinting applications to individual homes, we have the window tinting solution that best fits your needs. Even if you live in a city where it is not unlawful to have car windows tinted, you may still want to drive a safe distance from other vehicles or people should you not be able to see who is behind the wheel. At Tint Warriors, we offer a wide range of window tinting options to match any budget and personal taste. If you are looking for top-notch automotive window tinting, residential window tinting, headlight and taillight tinting services in the Adelaide area, contact us today.

All three have lifetime warranty and 30 days money back satisfaction, you can choose any available shade at no extra cost.

Old tint removal additional$ 100


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