Frequently Asked Questions


There are many different brands and quality films avaiable on the market. At tint warriors adelaide we only use proven window film supplies back up by lifetime warranty to original purchaser.

Overtime, a dyed window film gets bleached by the sun, causing it to turn colors like purple, pink, or even completely clear. As this happens over time, the film will stop blocking the sun's UV and infrared rays, allowing them to pass through your windows.
When you choosing good quality film like the one you found in Tint Warriors Adelaide, you will find that our film will not be fading and reduce more heat compare most other cheaper and lower quality film on the market

Tint Warriors Adelaide recommend removing window tint by a professional and using appropriate tools and equitment. .As the rear defroster can be easily damaged.

Tint Warriors Adelaide Recommends not to roll down your windows for 72 hours after installations

Window Tinting usually has a curing period of up to 30 days. This can vary depending the weather and sunlight after window tint is installed.

The time taken to tint your car would depend on the size of your car. A typical installation on a vehicle takes approximately 3-4 hours

Do not use ammonia based glass cleaners or other strong chemicals.
To clean your window film, simply spray the surface with mild soapy water and wilpe of gently.


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