Day & Night Natural

The perfect balance for protection & beauty

Harmony window film emulates the natural look of expensive tinted glass with a deep non-reflective tone that additionally provides enhanced solar heat control benefits. Harmony improves room comfort by reducing heat and glare, combined with excellent ultra violet protection. All achieved at a fraction of the cost of alternative window treatments and bespoke glazing systems.
During the day, Harmony offers high outdoor privacy with a warm indoor ambience that is ideal for building interiors where maximum glare and fading control is a desired requirement. In the evening, Harmonys anti-glare charcoal tone reduces annoying back reflections and helps maintain night time views.
Featuring a proprietary alloy construction that is Wi-Fi friendly, Harmony delivers strong heat rejection without the harsh mirror look. Available in various light density options, Harmony is a durable window film that will provide many years of protection and satisfaction.

  • Natural deep tinted exterior appearance
  • Daytime privacy without the harsh mirror-look
  • Enhanced anti-glare charcoal colour tone
  • Minimal back reflection, both day & night
  • Creates a warm room ambience indoors
  • Proprietary Wi-Fi friendly alloy construction
  • Strong solar heat rejection, up to 66%TSER
  • Available in various light density options
  • Helps lower yearly energy costs
  • Provides a uniform look from outside
  • Enhances day & night scenic views
  • Controls annoying indoor glare
  • Protects against damaging UV rays
  • Reduces fading of internal furnishings
  • Crystal clear, distortion free adhesive
  • Makes glass more shatter resistant
  • Scratch resistant, easy to clean

Harmony Sell Sheet

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