Energy savings, from the top to the line

Radiance is a high performance window film solution to your rising energy bills by substantially reducing solar heat gain through windows . Delivering a short payback period, Radiance solar control and specialty window film options improve air conditioner efficiency and lower operating costs all year round.
The strong metallic finish of Radiance reflective versions also provide daytime privacy, improve the performance of inefficient colour tone glass and create a modern, uniform appearance to building windows. While specialty matte frosted versions of Radiance offer tinted solar and glare control options that additionally provide day and night see-through privacy.
Radiance resolves building hot spots, reduces fading and improves interior comfort. Featuring lower levels of solar heat absorption, Radiance specialty window films are a safer, more compatible option for dual pane glass and other sensitive glazing systems. Radiance window film is a cost effective investment that delivers a multiple of desirable returns.

  • High reflective outdoor appearance
  • Various specialty solar control versions
  • Attractive colour, tone & density options
  • All providing excellent daytime privacy
  • Ultimate solar heat rejection, up to 83%TSER
  • Excellent glare reduction & UV protection
  • 4 matte versions for see through privacy
  • Frosted Matte, Grey, Bronze & Silver Mirror
  • Helps lower yearly energy costs
  • Compatible with dual pane windows
  • Improves tinted glass performance
  • Safer option for sensitive glazing
  • Protects against harmful UV rays
  • Reduces fading of internal furnishings
  • Crystal clear, distortion free adhesive
  • Makes glass more shatter resistant
  • Scratch resistant & easy to clean
  • 12 Year Commercial Warranty


Radiance (pdf)



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