Spectrally Selective

Crystal clear heat control technology

Vortex is an almost invisible shield of window film that protects you, your home or your buildings interior from the suns damaging heat and harmful UV Rays. Featuring the finest in nano-crystal ceramic technology, Vortex provides excellent Ultra Violet protection and selectively controls heat producing Infra Red radiation while preserving maximum natural indoor light with enhanced visual optics.
The supreme clarity of Vortex will boost the performance of existing clear or tinted glass without making any noticeable change to the appearance of your windows. Enjoy uninterrupted two-way viewing through glass with 50% less solar heat and total UV protection for improved fading control that will help prolong the life of your valuable interior furnishings or display window merchandise.
Vortex features a metal-free, signal friendly construction that will not compromise your Wi-Fi signal, mobile phone or radio reception. It is a durable, fade and corrosion resistant window film that is perfectly suited for Australias harsh coastal environment. Exclusively made with the highest quality components and adhesives, Vortex can be installed without the need for special edge sealing treatments. Vortex is fully backed by a comprehensive warranty offering many years of performance and protection.

  • Prestigious spectrally selective construction
  • Featuring nano-crystal ceramic technology
  • Provides an invisible solar protective shield
  • Filtering InfraRed & Ultra Violet radiation
  • Maintains total two-way vision, inside & out
  • Optically clear, preserves natural room light
  • Perfect solution for store display windows
  • Strong solar heat rejection, up to 51%TSER
  • Helps lower yearly energy costs
  • Selectively filters InfraRed energy
  • Preserves day and night time views
  • Corrosion resistant, ideal for coastal areas
  • Warranty does not require edge sealing
  • Protects against harmful UV Radiation
  • Reduces fading of internal furnishings
  • Available in a matching safety film option
  • Makes glass more shatter resistant
  • Scratch resistant & easy to clean
  • Lifetime Residential Warranty

Vortex IR Specifications sheet

Vortex IR Specifications sheet 2021 (pdf)



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