Nano Carbon Ceramic

Extreme protection from the Australian sun

Whether you live in the outback, near the mountains or along Australias beautiful coastline, Matrix window film is the ideal choice when you desire the very best solar control protection for your home or building windows.
Matrix features a fused construction of proprietary technologies to produce a supremely durable window film that provides outstanding solar control performance and long term protection from the harsh Australian sun.
Multiple nano carbon and advanced ceramic layers provide infra red heat control, ultra violet ray protection with excellent glare reducing properties. The combined insulating benefits increase air conditioner efficiency, minimising interior temperature imbalances while improving room comfort all year round.
Matrix is a fade resistant, metal-free window film that is non-corrosive making it ideal for humid and coastal environments. Its durable construction provides supreme performance and extreme protection that is built to last a lifetime.

  • Deep non-reflective outdoor appearance
  • Daytime privacy with supreme glare control
  • Excellent fading & ultra violet ray protection
  • Durable nano particle composite construction
  • Corrosion resistant, suitable for coastal areas
  • Non-conductive - WiFi, Mobile & Signal Friendly
  • Strong solar heat rejection, up to 70%TSER
  • Available in various density options
  • Helps lower yearly energy costs
  • Provides a uniform look from outside
  • Soft shades enhance window views
  • While reducing annoying indoor glare
  • Protects against damaging UV rays
  • Reduces fading of internal furnishings
  • Crystal clear, distortion free adhesive
  • Makes glass more shatter resistant
  • Scratch resistant, easy to clean





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