3 Effective Old Window Tint Removal Procedures in Adelaide

3 Effective Old Window Tint Removal Procedures in Adelaide

Old car window tints neither look good on your car windows nor serve their purpose. Hence, finding the best window tint removal procedure in Adelaide is better. 

Removing old tint can be tricky and needs special care. Therefore, you must learn the perfect ways to remove it on time. Now you must be wondering what are the right ways to do it. 

That’s why we’re here to guide you and help you replace your old tint smoothly.

Best Old Tint Removal Procedure in Adelaide Debunked 

There are several reasons to remove and replace your old tint with a new one. The two most common reasons are tint bubbles and discoloration. 

Tints bubbles and discoloration are extremely harmful to car windows, hence old car tint removal is necessary. 

A Steamer Might Help:

A steamer is a great way for car rear window tint removal. You can any day use a steamer to pull down the tint of your car safely, without causing any harm to it. 

Here are the following ways to use a steamer to remove tint from your car window

  • Roll down your car window a little to make your entire car window tint a little visible. 
  • Now bring the steamer near the car’s window and start steaming it. 
  • Please ensure you’re blowing it around the edges thoroughly as it will help the adhesive dissolve better.
  • Next, repeat the same method inside the car to ensure the glue has dissolved properly. 
  • Finally, start peeling the tint paper carefully, and continue till it’s over.

A Hair Dryer Might Help:

If you don’t have a steamer, you can also try a blow dryer for car window tinting removal. It gives similar results and helps you to take care of car windows. 

So, here’s how you use a hair dryer to remove your car window tint:

  • Roll the car window glass a little to expose the entire tint.
  • Now use the blow dryer the same way we advised you to use the steam. 
  • However, please remember that a hair dryer will take longer to dissolve the glue. 
  • Run the dryer through each corner of your window glass. 
  • Finally, once the glue is dissolved, start peeling the tint gently. 
  • Please don’t give up in the middle and keep peeling the tint till the entire job is done.

Ammonia & Soap Water Might Help:

Apart from dryers and steamers, you can also use ammonia and soap water to take off the tint. 

Here is how you can peel off the tint with soap and ammonia:

  • Mix the soap and ammonia in a spray bottle and bring it near the car. 
  • Now, tape your car’s interior completely so that it’s protected from ammonia.
  • Apply garbage bags on the outside of the car to protect it from ammonic acid. 
  • Now spray the mixture on the window glass of the car, and once done cover it with plastic bags. 
  • Finally, wait for 1 and a half hours, and once the ammonia soaks the glue take a razor and start peeling the glass. 


These are the three ways you can remove old tint from your car. However, if you feel you can’t remove the tints on your own, don’t force it or overdo it. Simply hire a vehicle tinting service like Tint Warriors. They will help you with old window tint removal in Adelaide and fix a new robust tint.

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